Home Watch

Both emotionally and financially, your vacation home is probably one of your largest investments. Let us watch over it while you are away! 

Choose either our weekly or bi-weekly inspection plan and enjoy peace of mind. Our weekly plan costs only $100 per month for a house or $80 a month for a condo. The bi-weekly plan costs $60/mo. for a house or $50/mo. for a condo. 

We inspect the interior and exterior of your home, perform routine maintenance and email you a report after each inspection. We have the expertise to recognize problematic issues and explain the options for an appropriate remedy. If necessary, we can contact, organize and supervise the right professionals to carry out the required work.

Our inspection plan includes:
1.    Picking up mail, newspaper, flyers; inspect mailbox.
2.    Inspecting landscape, lawn, fence.
3.    Ensuring lawn care service is completed regularly.
4.    Ensuring sprinkler timer is set properly.
5.    Checking a/c unit outdoor and indoor, changing filter when necessary.
6.    Checking pool equipment for leaks, pool pump pressure, pool water level and condition.
7.    Ensuring pool service is completed properly.
8.    Checking roof, gutters, windows,  screen enclosures, outdoor light fixtures and lighting for damage. Replacing light bulbs and smoke detector batteries as necessary.
9.    Checking for insects, rodents, pests, water damage and mold.
10. Ensuring pest control service is completed properly.
11. Checking security system.
12. Ensuring that all windows and doors are watertight, locked and alarmed.
13. Checking plumbing: Flushing all toilets, running water in sinks, tubs, showers, running short cycle in washing machine and dishwasher.
14. Checking refrigerator and freezer; confirming that ice maker is off.
15. Checking breaker panel.

For an additional charge we can add other services, such as

  1. Forwarding mail; accepting packages and deliveries.
  2. Stocking your refrigerator prior to your arrival.
  3. Preparing your home in preparation for a storm.
  4. Watering plants.
  5. Cleaning windows.
  6. Performing monthly light cleaning and dusting.
  7. Power washing pool and patio area.

- We are licensed, bonded and insured! -

Bjoern F. Smith
Bjoern F. Smith
Lic. Real Estate Broker
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